Apple Pickers Wanted



Fancy getting out in the fresh air and elements to help us pick our amazing crop of apples this harvest? Well. get in touch….
The first and main ingredient in all of our award winning drinks are the perfect apples. Harvest is here and we have a bumper crop and need some help bring them in from our orchards.
A few things to know:-
It's outside… so if it rains you may get wet! But you’ll get some beautiful fresh Sussex air . 
It can be hard work… One apple may not be that heavy, but a bag full is. You’ll need to be fit and strong and able to carry full picking bags, and bending down when emptying them. We also use a lot of windfall apples for our cider, so there will be plenty of picking apples off the ground into buckets.
It's flexible…. Though they all need to come in, its a seasonal harvest and we have to be flexible with our Great British weather, and we can be flexible around you too. It can be a day a week in the week or weekends, so it suits students too.
It's rewarding... Picking is one of those jobs where you can physically see what you've achieved by the end of the day, it's good exercise, you get plenty of fresh air. You're also the first part of the amazing journey this fruit goes on as it makes its way into our bottles.
If you’re keen please email the below:-
Your name
location (you’ll have to be pretty local, and be able to get yourself to our farm)
Contact Details
If it's not for you but you know someone it might be, please pass it on.
(PLEASE NOTE - Harvest and Picking is between September and November yearly, if your reading this post out of those dates please don't email in)


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