Award winning Premium Craft Sussex Cider

100% East Country apples, in this Premium 100% East Country thirst quencher. The best craft Session cider in Sussex.

Don't just take our word for it, tey it yourself!

Our awesome Sussex Cider is made out of a blend of our Eating and Cooking apples.

Tom (Our Chief) has developed this blend over his 16 years of making cider to create the ultimate, easy drinking, lip smacking session cider. This cider is designed with everyone in mind!


    It all starts with our orchard ripened apples. We use a secret balance of Cookers (Culenary) and Eaters (Dessert) apples for this cider.

  • Fermenting

    We're BIG believers of Low Intervention cider making, which means we handle the cider as little as possible, Including in fermentation. Onece the lovely sweet juice is in our tanks, we let the fermentation take place using wild yeasts. These are found on the apple skins and in our cidery. Did you know there could be as many as 150 different wild yeasts in a batch of cider! They all work at different stress levels, such as temperature and acidity. We love them as they give great complexity to our cider.

  • Can it!

    We use cans for this cider as we think ythey are the best vessle for these reasons. They are light - this means you can take them anywhere with you, on a picnic or the beach. It also means we can get more in our van than the glass alternative, so we can reduce our Carbon Footprint. They are also really easy to recycle, and if you crush them down, you'll get loads of empties in your Wheelie!

  • Mines a pint!

    If you had the pleasure of quenching your thirst with a pint of Sussex at your local. Quids in it was poured from one of our reusable kegs! Not only do they keep our cider at its peak condition, but we re-fill and re-use so they're better for the planet too.