New wave ciders for a new generation of cider drinkers. To challenge your preconceptions - drink outside the box. #liberatecider 





"Rebel Root Cider was born and created through a love of ciders which, thanks to my dad, has been a major factor in my early drinking career, and more recently inspired by a new generation of cider makers from around the world.

Trial and Error are two words we’re used to; we like playing around and experimenting with new ideas and techniques as well as applying ideas used by generations of cider makers. Our style of new wave ciders are most definitely East Country and low intervention and we're proud of it.

The terroir we have on the farm and in our region lends us well to growing dessert and culinary apples, creating dry, high acidity led ciders. This, paired with a love of natural fermentation, is firmly rooted in our core"

Tom Stephens - Founder / Cidermaker








HOPE (v2) ROSE 2019 5.5% Abv

Volume 2 of our Hope in Cider collection. This time Not back sweetening, so Bone dry, tart and punchy. Dry hopped with US Cascade Hops and Hibiscus flowers

'With the opening of our Taproom, we found a real desire for drier ciders and a willingness to try new and challenging tastes and profiles. Paired with the success of Hope V1 we decided to make our next Hope edition to be Rose and to be bone dry to see how we can challenge those preconceptions furthermore. With a few changes to the fermentation and with the addition of Hibiscus to the cold brew we created this beautifully tart and dry, lip smacking, pink cider.' - Tom
Tech deets:- Apples- Jonagold and Bramley. Yeast - Wine and Wild blended after fermentaton.  Hops- `Cascade and whole Hibiscus flowers.  Maturation - Short (1-6 months)
RS- 0g/l . Alc : 5.5% Abv. SG- 0.997




 OBSESSION - 2019 6% Abv

BRUT- A bone dry blend of Spartan apples fermented with champagne yeast and Bramley fermented with its own wild yeasts. Unfiltered, dry, hazy. A complete nod to American draft dry ciders to which we're obsessed with.

This is the first, full dry, 0g of residual sugar, full acidity East Country style kegged cider in the UK. 

'I absolutely love the dry high acidity ciders from the USA and wanted to create something similar for the UK. Something dry and sharp but not too one dimensional, something that could remain sessionable, whilst creating a very different offer and experience to the existing session ciders on the market and challenging the preconception that people have with them.' - Tom


Tech deets:- Apples- Jonagold, Ida Red and Bramley. Yeast - Champagne and Wild blended after.  Maturation - Short (1-6 months)
RS- 0g/l . Alc : 6% Abv. SG- 0.997




Wild fermented Bramley Cider, dry hopped with US Cascade citrusy hops, back sweetened slightly to medium, carbonated and kegged.

'This was the first Rebel Root cider, launching our Hope Campaign. This was the work of two years fiddling about with hops and quantities to find out which one works. Again heavily influenced by US ciders, particularly for this one from the West Coast, we wanted to bring over to the UK and showcase a cider that wasn’t too challenging for most session pallets, and show a bridge between craft beers and craft ciders. First off we decided , mainly out of convenience at the time, to use Bramley as our cider base, then to find a hop that would accentuate that citrusy note, not take over or add funkyness or too much bitterness to it. We chose some gorgeous Californian Cascade hops, we then cold brewed these in fully fermented cider for many days…! We then back sweetened to make a more medium entry level session.' - Tom


Tech deets:- Apples-  Bramley. Yeast - Wild. Hops - Cascade.  Maturation - Medium (6-12 months)
 Alc : 4% Abv. SG- 1.015



Created due to  being a bit bored of your standard mulled spiced cider we went for something a little different. A strong, dry cider infused with ginger and blended with Blood Orange and Ginger


Tech deets:- Apples-  Bramley and Cox. Yeast - Wild. Additions Blood Orange Juice - (Not Concentrate) and fresh ginger   Maturation - Medium (6-12 months)
 Alc : 4% Abv. SG- 1.015



Come and stay - From Spring 2024

This year we're super excited to be able to keep you over! If your interested in the below, before we launch get in touch

Our beautifully converted timber barn, with views over one of our home orchards. With room to sleep 8-10 (Two families comfortably or one family really comfortably)

Interested in staying, be the first to know, get in touch now...

For the first time this summer, we will be welcoming you to stay on our farm for a selected handful of days in July and August.

A small amount of pitches will be available, with services such as showers, loos, coffee and ice cream hut, cidery events, pizza, local produce, fresh fruit and veg, orchard walks and picnics and more.

Our mission is to create a wonderful, family focused camping and countryside experience. And for you to create cherished memories on our farm with your family, just like we do.