Since the beginning, our mission has been simple.

  • WHAT are we doing - We are on a mission to change the negative perception of cider, showcase our beloved drink in its full glory. 


  • HOW we are doing it - We are creating full juice, award winning drinks, being both innovative and progressive, whilst staying true to our roots and our terroir.


  • WHY are we doing it:- To save our orchards, and plant new ones. We want to support our community and our planet. Our goal is to be the first carbon positive cider company in the UK.




The Stephens family have been growing apples since the early 80’s and have inherited a great knowledge and respect for our nation's favourite fruit and the skill that goes into growing them.

On the family farm in Bolney, Sussex we grow over 5,500 apple trees dating from 1930 to 1992 and to pollinate them we have 48 beehives full of thousands of amazing bees . In addition to our fruit, we have a great cooperative network of growers across our region who provide us with some insanely good fruit.





We find the simplest methods work best: we pick, press and bottle by hand.  Crafting techniques range from using champagne yeast, to low intervention wild yeast and single orchard fermentation. Showcasing the incredible versatility of an apple is our goal.






We use real fruit, pressed and either bottled or fermented in small batches. This means from harvest to harvest, variety to variety and year to year, nature has a way of changing a few things, and we applaud it, and don't run away from it.

Every single batch of juice and cider is tasted by our team before it's packaged to ensure its still worthy of all the awards we have won.







Come and stay - From Spring 2024

This year we're super excited to be able to keep you over! If your interested in the below, before we launch get in touch

Our beautifully converted timber barn, with views over one of our home orchards. With room to sleep 8-10 (Two families comfortably or one family really comfortably)

Interested in staying, be the first to know, get in touch now...

For the first time this summer, we will be welcoming you to stay on our farm for a selected handful of days in July and August.

A small amount of pitches will be available, with services such as showers, loos, coffee and ice cream hut, cidery events, pizza, local produce, fresh fruit and veg, orchard walks and picnics and more.

Our mission is to create a wonderful, family focused camping and countryside experience. And for you to create cherished memories on our farm with your family, just like we do.