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Rebel Root



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Our mission for the Outcider series is to show how Bramley apples can make an exceptional and fine cider, and how the weather throughout different growing seasons can effect a vintage in cider as it does in wine.

The Bramleys used each year are from one orchard, picked, pressed and fermented in the same vessels, temperatures and the same conditions each year.

They travel through two types of fermentation, yeast and MLF, then are aged Sur Lie  for a minimum of 24 months.

 Vintages available 2016 and 2017  both very different.

The Outcider .... A true expression of our Terroir

Vintage 2017

2017 was cooler and wetter than the previous growing season, so the harvest as you'd expect was almost all green, crisp and sharp. This shows through in this vintage. Light golden in colour with a crisp green apple nose, sharp fresh and short finish, great at any table.


 Oily or fatty foods, like fish or pork

Tech deets

Tank :- WP-2
 Apples-  Bramley. Yeast - Wild/ Native.  Maturation - Long (12 months plus)
 Alc : 6% Abv. SG 0.997 - RS 0g/L. Low intervention. Unfiltered. No added sulphites) BONE DRY

Batch number 896


Limited run 1000 bottles only

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